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Catalytic Converter:

We provide catalytic converters for most make and models. Modified custom catalytic converters are also available for those expensive manifold catalytic converters. A catalytic converter is an emission control device that converts toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas to less toxic pollutants by catalyzing a redox reaction( and oxidation and a reduction reaction). Catalytic converters are used with internal combustion engines fueled by either gasoline or diesel. The catalytic converter is the most costly part of your exhaust system. If your catalytic converter begins to fail, you will hear loud leak or rattling sounds. A failing catalytic converter sounds like someone shaking a metal rattler filled with rocks while your car is in idle. You may also notice your check engine light is illuminated. Catalytic converters don't last forever, though, given the harsh environment in which they work, and you're not going to pass an emissions test without a fully-functioning catalytic converter.


We offer a full range of exhaust service options, from high performance mufflers and exhaust systems, to value-oriented replacement mufflers and systems. Most people think mufflers just keep their vehicle quiet. While that’s a big part of the job, there’s a lot more to it. The muffler is just one component in the exhaust emission system, which is responsible not only for cutting down on noise pollution, but for cutting down on air pollution. Your exhaust emission system does all of its important work while hanging precariously from the bottom of your vehicle. So to help keep your vehicle running smoothly, quietly, and efficiently, we recommend having your exhaust system checked out at least once a year.



  • Exhaust manifolds and gaskets: cracks or small holes could cause exhaust leaks, affecting both safety and performance
  • Oxygen sensors: cracks, damaged wires, or blocked intakes could cause incorrect fuel/air mixture adjustments and poor fuel economy
  • Catalytic converters: overheating, dents, clogs, or corrosion could cause air pollution, excessive noise and rough idle
  • Resonators and mufflers: excessive rust or holes could cause air pollution, excessive noise and a rough idle
  • Pipes, hangers, clamps, and brackets: excessive rust or broken bolts could cause parts to hang dangerously low, resulting in a hazard for the people driving behind you